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Rokkitball is a futuristic sport made by Garage Games. The game is still in live development. Rokkitball could also be known as the Basketball of future. Equipped with rocket launchers and magno-beams, the two teams take place in one of the four different arenas. Each team has multiple goals to defend, different goals are worth one point, two points and five points. With up to eight players, both teams must fight for the ball with their rocket launchers to ultimately score and have the most points at the end of the game. A game can last eight, ten or twelve minutes, depending on what the players choose.


  • Gauntlet : Gauntlet is the average arena, the most used, and the most popular amongst veterans for its circular shape and simple design. With three goals at each end this map is like any sports map and is one of the reasons why the players prefer it to the three others. The one pointer is on the ground with the two pointer on it and the five pointer on top. Preferably used for 1v1s, and 3v3s.
  • Cathedral : Cathedral is a smaller arena. It's shaped like a cross, with the five pointers on the ceilings and the one pointers on the ground on each end and the two pointers on each side, in a column. Used for 2v2s and 3v3s.
  • S-Hook : S-Hook got it's name from the shape of the arena, it is the most difficult map to get used to but a very popular one amongst first time players. Definitely one of the more unique levels because it's speed pads are the only ones that don't boost players, and are the strongest of all in the game. The two pointer and five pointer are at each end of "S"-Hook, and it's unique one pointer inserted in a glass, open from both sides of the glass wall. The arena is one of the smallest if not the smallest, because of this the arena is one of the favorites for 2v2s.
  • Canyon : Canyon is the only outdoor arena, the goals are all placed at each ends, the one pointer is similar to the one in Cathedral but on a platform, unlike any other arena it has 2 two pointers are installed beside each other on the wall and the five pointer is on the wall of the platform under the one pointer, installed on the ground. Occasionally used for actual games, and is famous for canyon jumping.

Gauntlet, Cathedral, S-Hook, Canyon
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Gameplay Basics

The magno-beam needs energy to attract the ball. Sprinting and using the magno-beam drains energy and recharges over time. Shoot a rocket to someone to make him lose the ball and his energy. There are multiple ways to save energy, like jumping when running or dropping the ball in air and catching it before landing on the ground. The hardest goals are always the ones worth more points. You can use quick chat to communicate to everyone or only to your team.

Advanced skills to learn

Rokkit Jumping

Hammer Throw


Rokkitball comes with three colors and a head. But you can customize your rokkitballer with seven extra heads, three armor patterns and six different colors for more than 100 possible combinations. You can buy them at the Instantaction store for a few tokens.

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