Legions: Overdrive

Overdrive allows players to quickly maneuver and push other players out of their way. For the Outrider and the Raider, Overdrive can be activated by pressing the R key once a speed of 88 is reached as is indicated by the "velocity warning" message. Both the Raider and the Outrider take damage as long as overdrive is activated, although the Raider takes less damage and can therefore Overdrive for a longer period of time. The Sentinel can initiate overdrive from any speed, although it can only do so in bursts.

Overdrive has multiple unique uses. Activating overdrive can be used to make 90 or 180 degree turns, surprise foes and quickly reach destinations. Additionally, overdrive can be used to chase down a fleeing opponent (Overdriveby) or shove enemies away from a flag.

An Example of Overdrive

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