Lore Aftermath

Lore Aftermath is a mech combat game where players fight using customized mechs.


Game Types

Free For All: Players fight it out until one pilot has reached the score limit or time runs out.

Team Death Match: Two Teams battle until one team has reached the point limit or time expires.

Mini Nuke: Two teams battle for control of a mini nuke that is positioned in the middle of the map and attempt to place it in their opponents base, protecting it from being diffused until it explodes. Once a team's base has been destroyed, players of that team may not re-spawn there. When a team has no more bases they are declared the loser.



In Lore, the player drives either a stock MAV or one of their own design. The MAVs control like tanks with the mouse controlling the rotation of the upper body like a turret and the WASD keys controlling the direction the MAV's direction and speed. The scroll wheel is used to cycle though the mech's various weapon sets and the right mouse button toggles the mech's jump jet that allows the player to fly/hover for a short period of time.


There are nine different regions where a player's mech can be customized:

  • top torso
  • left top
  • right top
  • right bottom
  • below cockpit
  • left bottom
  • rear mount
  • jump jet
  • power plant

In order to maintain game balance, mech customization is governed by a weight cap of either 15,000 or 20,000 depending on whether the player chooses a Viper (15k) or Malice (20K) chassis. Each weapon, depending on its power, is given a weight with the most powerful weapons having the highest value. A MAV must have no more than its chassis maximum number of points for it to be usable.


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