Galcon is a real-time strategy game. It features both a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode.

Game Types


Campaign Mode: In the campaign you are tasked with defending the galaxy from aggressive alien races. It consists of 17 distinct missions, each of which is a battle against one or more computer-controlled opponents. However, each mission has its own twist. For example, enemy ships might be invisible or the opponent might have the ability to take control of a player's planet at will. These variations add variety to the missions and create a gradually more difficult gameplay experience.

Practice Mode: In practice mode the player can play a match against bots in the same format as a multiplayer match. This allowed players to practice their skills.

Multiplayer mode: In multiplayer mode players compete to be the last surviving faction. Players compete by taking over each-other's planets. Players loose when they have no planets under their control. The last player standing wins. Games can be played as a free-for-all or in teams. The host is able to modify the number of planets, the time limit and has the option of assigning players to different teams.

Gameplay Basics


Each players starts with planets they control in a field with neutral planets that can be taken over. Planets that are neutral and not controlled by a player are gray while opponent controlled planets are color coded. Each planet is labeled with a number. This number is visible to all players and refers to how many ships a player must send into that planet to take it over. Each planet also has a production value that corresponds to the rate at which that planet, when owned by a player, generates ships. The higher the number the faster ships are produced.

Basic Skills

Taking Over Planets

Players select planets that they own and send ships to planets that they want to take over by clicking and dragging. Using either the scroll wheel or the keypad, the player can toggle what percentage of ships from the selected planet(s) an attack will send. By holding [shift] a player can send ships form all the planets they own.

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