Ace Of Aces

Ace of Aces is an online, multiplayer flight-combat simulator. The player takes the role of a WWI flying Ace on either the Allied or Axis air force. There are 10 different plains, 5 Allied models and 5 Axis models from which to choose from.


Game Types

Team dogfight: Team based deathmatch.

Furball: Player vs Player Deathmatch.

Foxes and Hounds: The player grabs the fox, a dead parachuter, and trys to hold it for as long as possible while others try to kill the player and take the fox from them. Whoever holds the fox the longest wins.

Rescue the spy: Classic team based capture the flag, with aircraft!

Base War: Two opposing teams have to protect their bases from being attacked while they assault the other team's base for points. shooting down the enemies blimps makes their flak cannons less accurate.

Gameplay Basics


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