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What is InstantAction?

InstantAction is home to some of that most advanced, and most fun, multiplayer online games available. And the best part? It's completely free. Whether you want a Real Time Strategy game, a First Person Shooter, a combat flight sim or just a game that lets you run others over with a giant marble, InstantAction is the place for you.

What is This Wiki for?

The InstantAction wiki is a compendium of information, advice, and help for the InstantAction community. Here users can assist each other, find support and error solutions, and learn about the many games InstantAction offers

InstantAction Games


Fallen Empire: Legions

Legions takes the FPS genre and turns it on its head by giving you the power to fly. Take your skills to the next level with 32 player deathmatch and capture the flag.



Get addicted to this arcade-style multiplayer RTS that is both easy to pick up and difficult to master. Practice your skills in the single player campaign or compete against your friends.


Marble Blast Online

This PC classic has finally gone online! Master the subtle art of rolling and powerups to beat your opponents across all new maps.


Ace of Aces

Snoopy could fight the Red Barron to a standstill, can you? In this World War I flight combat sim, you can take the role of either the axis or the allies and battle for air supremacy.


Lore Aftermath

Mech fans, your game has arrived. Build a mech to you exact specifications and take to the battle arena!



In this future sport game players use their rocket launchers and magnetic beams to win control of the ball and then blast it through their opponent's goal. Are you the Jordan of 22xx?

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